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SF Boatworks Diesel101

Saturday, Apr 27, 2024 (9:30 am - 4:30 pm)

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Leader: Ian Wild

Event Information

Diesel 101 @SF Boatworks

After selling out the last one so quickly we're arranging another Diesel 101 class on April 27th again @ SFBoatworks.

The class is a one day class for boat owners, future boat owners, renters, drivers or anyone interested in learning more about Diesel engines and how to work with them. It's recommended for anyone who owns, plans to own, or otherwise drives a diesel powered boat. The 101 class covers: 

- How and why a diesel engine works - including cooling systems, electrical/starter, fuel injection, compression, combustion and the four-stroke cycle

- The purpose and functions of various auxillary systems - Gaseaus, Raw water, Fresh water, Oil etc

- Recognising the symptoms of diesel engine issues and using them to diagnose the cause of problems

- Troubleshooting, basic and emergency repairs

- Performing a routine engine service (Oil change, Filter inspection and change, Impeller, Anodes and more. 

You can expect to leave the class with a solid handle on what makes a diesel engine tick and what you can do if things don't work as expected. 

Who is the class for? 

This is an essential course for a novice or seasoned, boater. The class is aimed at someone with little or no mechanical or engineering training - If you're reading this and think you'd like to know more about diesel engines, this class is for you! 

The Tutor

Sam Middlehurst of Sam's Engineering Services is a master mechanic with decades of marine engine experience. Sam is a wonderful teacher and passionate about sharing his knowledge. 

The Venue

835 Terry Francois Blvd, SF, CA 94158. Parking is available in the boatworks (There is a sliding door gate - we'll try to meet you and show you where to park!). 

Afterguard is working with San Francisco BoatWorks to host this class. SFboatworks is the only full service boatyard in San Francisco and has a great teaching space. Engines in various states will be setup and available for demonstrations. SF Boatworks is located opposite the chase center and UCSF in San Francisco. Attendees of this class will be offered a 10% discount on labor at SF Boatworks. 

The price includes a simple catered lunch from The Ramp restaurant. Please inform us of any dietary restrictions when booking. 

Some more things we'll cover in the class: 

Essential and recommended spare parts to carry on multi-day/week cruises. Essential tools (for diesel engine maint and repairs) to carry on multi-day/week cruises.. Preventative maintenance Techniques, routines, and additive products to:
  • Thwart bio mass buildup and water accumulation in fuel tank.  
  • Resolve/ remove bio mass accumulation after the fact.
  • Assess / determine if there is bio mass contamination in the fuel tank
  • Cleaning fuel injectors
Ways to evaluate  a diesel engine before buying a boat:
  • Which diesel engines manufacturers and models have the best and worse reputations?
  • Typical issues in older engines...and what and how to go about evaluating them
  • Pros and cons of diesel engines with fuel injectors
  • Recommended maintenance schedule by engine hour.
  • Techniques for changing oil and oil filter without making a mess onboard or in water.
  • Things to look for when evaluating oil condition on the dip stick

To keep things productive, spaces at this class are limited and it's expected to sell out

Book now to ensure your place.